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Gentle Shepherd, walk beside me, 

For with you I shall not want.

With your presence cheer and guide me;

Along the path forsake me not.

By the waters gently lead me; 

In the pastures let me lie, 

For in faithfulness you feed me, 

And by your grace my needs supply.

Gentle Shepherd, come restore me; 

Let me walk in righteous paths. 

For your name lead on before me, 

And guide me in your sovereign plans. 

Through the valley, Lord, be near me, 

Then no evil shall I fear.

In your mercy stoop to hear me, 

When in the dark I lift my pray'r. 

Gentle Shepherd, now sustain me, 

At the table you prepare.

In the sight of those who hate me, 

Your blessings flow beyond compare.

Surely Love shall e'er pursue me, 

Though I wander far away.

In your house, O Lord, renew me, 

Where I shall dwell for all my days.

Words & Music: Erik Dewar © 2023 Glory & Gladness Music (ASCAP),  all rights reserved. CCLI #7217599

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