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Great is the Lord! Great is the Lord! 

Great, and most worthy of praise forevermore!

So praise and adore, praise and adore!

Praise him for all of your days for great is the Lord!


Oh sing to the Lord a new song,

Oh sing to the Lord all the earth,

Sing to the Lord bless his glorious name! 

Declare all his marvelous works. 

Make known his salvation to all, 

And tell of his glory abroad. 

With splendor and majesty, beauty and strength

He reigns over all other gods.



Ascribe to the Lord all the earth,

Ascribe to him glory and strength!

Bring him an off'ring and come to his courts; 

Ascribe all the praise due his name. 

Oh tremble before the True God, 

And fear him the Maker and King, 

For all he established shall never be moved. 

In splendor of holiness sing:



Let the earth and the heavens be glad, 

Let the waves of the sea lift a roar!

The trees of the forest are singing for joy, 

The fields will exult in the Lord. 

For he comes as the Judge of the earth. 

He is faithful, and righteous and just.

His people are singing the praises of God.

In him all the nations will trust!


Words & Music: Erik Dewar

© 2021 Glory & Gladness Music (ASCAP), All right reserved. CCLI Song #7180977

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