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Fairest Lord Jesus, 

Ruler of all nature, 

O Thou of God and man the Son, 

Thee will I cherish, 

Thee will I honor, 

Thou, my soul's glory, joy, and crown. 

Humble in spirit,

Emptied as a servant,

Thou Living Bread from heav’n came down;

Food for the hungry,

Truth for the simple,

To show Thy steadfast love abounds. 

Great was Thine anguish,

Heavy was Thy burden,

All of our debt to Thy cross was nailed.

Bruised by the Father,

Mocked by the scoffers, 

For sinners Thou hast torn the veil.

Sunrise so splendid,

Morning Star eternal,

Thy fullness shines in endless grace!


Bowing, adoring,

We see Thee now with unveiled face. 

Beautiful Savior! 

Lord of the nations!  

Son of God and Son of Man!  

Glory and honor, 

Praise, adoration, 

Now and forevermore be Thine.

Words: German Jesuits, trans. Joseph A. Seiss; Verses 2, 3 & 4 by Ruth Gregornik and Erik Dewar;

Music: Silesian Folksong

© 2018 Glory & Gladness Music (ASCAP), Ruth Gregornik Music, All rights reserved. CCLI Song #7116889

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