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Come, now remember our story;

How we were blinded by grace,

Stopped on the road of rebellion; 

Won by the sound of his voice.

May we remember our bondage,

Once with no hope to be free.

Death was the wage we were earning,

Slaves, 'til he parted the sea.

Come, now remember his mercy;

How we had nothing to give.

Yet Jesus gave us his garments; 

Clothed us and caused us to live.

Then let us give up our boasting. 

Christ's blood must scatter our pride.

Once we were wand'ring as strangers;

Now he has made us his bride.

Come, now remember God's power; 

How Jesus rose from his grave!

Come, hear the sound of his gospel; 

God's pow'r to those being saved.

And though we share in his suffering,

Yet we will not be ashamed.

His strength made perfect in weakness.

Our refuge found in his name.

Come, now remember God's promise; 

How we shall enter his rest,

How we are sealed with his Spirit, 

Called, chosen, righteous, and blessed.

No condemnation in Jesus!

No one can pluck from God's hand.

One day to see and be like him, 

On this assurance we stand.

Come, now remember our calling:

Striving together as one,

Humble and loving our neighbor,

Holy, as daughters and sons.

Love shows that we are disciples. 

Now let us go and make more.

Christ be the glory of nations. 

Christ be forever adored!

Words & Music: Erik Dewar

© 2018 Glory & Gladness Music (ASCAP),

All rights reserved.

CCLI Song #7116891

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