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Come weary one, leave thy labors

Come lift thy head, see thy Savior and Friend

His arms are opened wide

O soul, be satisfied.

Come find His rest.

Take His yoke upon thee, 

For He is gentle and lowly in heart

So learn from Christ the Lord –

Thy Portion and Reward. 

Come find His rest.

Words and Music: Erik Dewar

© 2021 Glory & Gladness Music (ASCAP),

All rights reserved.

CCLI Song #7180983 



I heard the voice of Jesus say,

"Come unto me and rest;

Lay down, O weary one, lay down

Your head upon my breast."

I came to Jesus as I was, 

So weary, worn, and sad; 

I found in Him a resting place, 

And He has made me glad.

I heard the voice of Jesus say, 

"Behold, I freely give

The living water, thirsty one;

Stoop down and drink and live."

I came to Jesus, and I drank

Of that life-giving stream;

My thirst was quenched, my soul revived, 

And now I live in Him.

Words: Horatius Bonar, Public Domain

Music: KINGSFOLD, Public Domain

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