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We turn away from evil.

We seek the face of Christ.

We turn away from evil.

We seek the face of Christ.


With humble hearts, O let us come

As your children, 

That we may learn to once again

Fear your name.

O may our lips speak only truth,

Peace, and kindness,

So that your goodness may be seen

All our days.


O Lord, your eyes are toward the meek

and the righteous;

Your gracious ears are ever bent

Toward their cry.

Your holy face is set against

All the wicked,

So that their name will be cut off

When they die.

Yet when the righteous cry for help,

Lord you hear them,

And you redeem their every tear,

Pain, and scar.

Your great salvation is for those

Crushed in spirit, 

And you are near to ev'ry poor

Broken heart.


O Lord, you save though we endure

Much affliction.

You make us whole, and from our foes

You defend.

O Lord, you promise to redeem

All your servants,

For none of those who trust in you 

Are condemned.


Words and Music: Erik Dewar  

© 2023 Glory & Gladness Music (ASCAP),  

All rights reserved. CCLI #7229723

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