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Once a godless, hardened people

With our darkened hearts,

All our senses dulled and helpless,

Pierced by pleasure's pois'ning darts.

But the Source of heaven's brightness, 

Hellish pow'rs destroyed,

Gave us life to know your goodness,

And Your everlasting joys.

Once alone we were as strangers

With no friends to care,

Could not carry, could not bury

All the weight of our despair.

But adopted as Your children,

Now we have a home,

You will carry us forever, 

We will never be alone.

Once we had no hope, no future;

Bitter days were spent,

Fearing dangers, pain and judgement,

Never were our hearts content.

But the Bridegroom, our Redeemer

Came upon the scene,

With His mighty strength and comfort

Shelters us beneath his wing.

Where You lead me, I will follow, 

Ever pressing on.

Your own people are my people;

You are God, my only God.

Trusting, I will work Your harvest; 

I have understood, 

You are causing all to happen

For your glory and my good. 

Words: Ruth Gregornik; Music: Erik Dewar

© 2016 Glory & Gladness Music (ASCAP),

Ruth Gregornik (ASCAP), All rights reserved

CCLI Song #7112395 

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