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O God, revive us with words of truth.

Come shine your light on our way.

Make wise the simple, bring joy to hearts,

Give ears to hear and obey.



Our firm foundation of old,

Our prize far greater than gold,

And sweeter than honey is your word to us:

True bread, delighting our souls.


O God, instruct us with words of truth,

For each commandment is pure.

May all your wonders our eyes behold.

Your law, how perfect and sure.



O God, correct us with words of truth,

By them your servants are warned.

Expose all error and draw us near,

For here is greatest reward.



O God, sustain us with words of truth.

Come speak your promises sure,

O may we follow in all your ways,

Your word shall ever endure!



Words & Music: Erik Dewar 

© 2022 Glory & Gladness Music (ASCAP)

All rights reserved. CCLI Song #7193359

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