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Swiftly fall my heart on thee,

When sin's arrows sharpened be,

When the darkness full of fear and doubt

Overwhelms, despite my plea;

To the empty tomb I cling,

Proof enough to stand and sing,

Death is banished, sin is overthrown,

An end will come to suffering!

See my God, in love divine,

Scorning nothing, hung to die;

Lord of Hosts, with angels on command

Silent, leaves them standing by!

Give me faith to trust you there,

Strength to overcome despair;

Somehow better to be known in grief

Than rescued from this pain I bear.

Tarry yet my heart again,

Though temptation closes in!

Though the voices warring o'er my soul

Whisper of thy negligence;

Jesus knows my untold grief.

What more might I ask than he 

Bear the weight of death's unceasing load

While promising his victory?

Stay me on this pilgrim way,

Though still marked by sin's decay;

Though we know thy resurrection pow’r

Still we wait for judgement day.

Let thy goodness e'er be known,

We are never left alone,

Sharing now in Jesus' suffering

'Til death is crushed beneath thy throne!


Words & Music: Eliza Billingham

© 2020 Glory & Gladness Music (ASCAP)

All rights reserved. CCLI Song #7150222

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