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What hope is found when sin has overwhelmed me
Where can I flee when judgement brings the rain
Like raging seas the flood is all around me
So I call out while sinking deep with shame

With you my God my Make and Provider
The only one for whom the winds will cease
I find a calm a shelter in the chaos
For you my God prepare a quiet peace

And so I run to Christ my great Salvation
Who at the cross was hurled into the sea
For there my sin was buried at the bottom
And now he lives he saves and rescues me

What love pursues when far from you I wander
Whose gracious hand has reached into the deep
Your shepherd's heart has never ending mercy
So I cry out a lost and straying sheep

With you my God my Seeker and my Savior
The only one who hears my desperate plea
I find a rest a refuge for the weary
To you alone belongs the victory

And so I run to Christ my great Salvation
Who from the grave arose triumphantly
My debt is paid I am forever pardoned
The sting of death was swallowed there for me

Where shall I go when flooded with your mercy
Wherever sent your fame I will proclaim
With grateful heart it is my joy to serve you
Lord Jesus Christ I gladly bear your name

To you my God my Comfort and my Sender
The only one who's worthy of all praise
I give my life and count it all worth losing
For what I gain is life of endless days

And so I run to Christ my great Salvation
I will arise the gospel to profess
'Til all the earth is shining with his glory
When all will bow and every tongue confess

Words: Zach Fallon; Music: Erik Dewar

© 2020 Glory & Gladness Music (ASCAP), Zach Fallon. All rights reserved.

CCLI Song #7180990

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