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Promised One long foretold,

May our eyes soon behold.

Come redeem all this broken world.

Lord at last make us whole.

So we cast all our cares; 

Through the night hear our pray'rs. 

Come O Dayspring, our Morning Star.

For that dawn we prepare.

Yet how long, Lord, how long?

'Til our tears turn to songs?

Don't forsake us, Immanuel.

Come make right all that's wrong.

Jesus, come, quickly come.

Shine in pow'r like the sun. 

Rule in justice and righteousness. 

Jesus, come, quickly come.

Jesus, come, quickly come.

Jesus, come, quickly come.

Words & Music: Erik Dewar 

© 2022 Glory & Gladness Music (ASCAP),

All rights reserved.

CCLI Song #7205143

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