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A kingdom is coming where all will be right

Injustice and suff'ring will end

For God will deliver the poor and contrite

The meek of the earth He’ll defend

Then Jesus the Righteous will speak forth his word

And none of the wicked will stand

He'll answer our cries that we thought went unheard

And all will be peace in that land


The nations will fashion their swords into shears

No longer preparing for war

New plows will be made from the last of the spears

And no one will fear anymore

The mountains will sing as we go out with joy

While trees of the field clap their hands

And no one in Zion will hurt or destroy

For all will be peace in that land


Instead of the briar the flower will grow

The cypress instead of the thorn

And so living water forever will flow

When all that was cursed is reborn

The beasts will not kill but be led by a child

The wolves will lie down with the lamb

The calf and the lion will graze in the wild

For all will be peace in that land


From least to the greatest we’ll all know the Lord

And ever his people we’ll be

The earth will be filled with the knowledge of God

Like waters that cover the sea

And Jesus will wipe ev'ry tear from our eyes

As God makes his dwelling with man

Then death pain and ev'ry last sorrow will die

And all will be peace in that land

And all will be peace in that land

Words & Music: Erik Dewar

© 2023 Glory & Gladness Music (ASCAP), all rights reserved.

CCLI #7231325

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