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All hail the Lord's Anointed 
Great David's greater Son 
O see the Day appointed 
His reign on earth begun

He comes to break oppression 
To set the captive free 
To take away transgression 
And rule in equity

May justice e'er be speedy 
To those who suffer wrong 
To help the poor and needy 
And bid the weak be strong


To him shall prayer unceasing 
And daily vows ascend 
His kingdom still increasing 
A kingdom without end

Before him on the mountains 
Shall peace the herald go 
And righteousness in fountains 
From hill to valley flow

The tide of time shall never 
His covenant remove 
His name shall stand forever 
That name to us is love

Words: James Montgomery, alt. Erik Dewar

Music: Erik Dewar

© 2022 Glory & Gladness Music (ASCAP),

All rights reserved.

CCLI Song #7199657

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