Glory & Gladness Music is a publishing ministry by Erik Dewar to help provide local churches with more and more congregational songs for their people's participation in the soul-satisfying exaltation of Jesus Christ.

No matter the musical style or tradition, there is a temptation for the primary sound of weekly worship to come from a few professionals instead of the people in the pews. Though skillful leadership is certainly desirable and even biblical (Psalm 33:3), the greater calling of those leading on Sunday is not to perform, but rather to put valuable lyrics in the mouths of their people. How are congregants to "lift up a song  to him" (Psalm 68:4) or how are they to "address one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs" (Ephesians 5:19) if they aren't the ones singing? The gathered church will be robbed of that profound joy of exalting Jesus together if excluded from participation.

Therefore, Glory & Gladness Music seeks to be a resource for churches looking for songs with:

  • Singable and memorable melodies, so it's possible to sing as a congregation.

  • Deep and biblical lyrics, so it's worth singing as a congregation. 

  • Versatile and eclectic style, so it's accessible to the variety of members in a congregation.

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May the primary sound of the gathered church be the singing of God's people for the lifting of his glory and the deepening of their joy!